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About Us

Headquarters of the company: Uetze, Germany


Begin used oil recycling in Uetze in 1951



1. The Mustad group – majority shareholders. 

The Mustad Group was founded in 1853 in Norway and it currently owns more than 20 companies in Europe and USA. Mustad companies participate in industries that address engineering challenges such us robotics, machine design, paper production, precision tools, and oil re-refining. Mustad companies are also the biggest world supplier of fishhooks and horseshoes.


2.  SKion GmbH, Bad Homburg, Germany – 29%

SKion GmbH is a strategic investment company of the German entrepreneur Ms. Susanne Klatten. Via the owner-operated company SKion, Ms. Susanne Klatten holds 100% of the shares of ALTANA AG (special chemistry). With almost 28 per cent, SKion is also an anchor shareholder of SGL Carbon SE (carbon products and materials) and combines holdings in Nordex SE (wind plants), as well as in Gemalto N.V. (digital security) and in Paques N.V. (biological waste water and gas purification techniques). Being a fourth generation entrepreneur, Ms. Susanne Klatten pursues a long-term investment strategy.


The Avista group:

With an annual re-refining capacity of more than 300,000 tons, AVISTA OIL is one of Europe’s leading companies in oil re-refining and a global pioneer in the production of high-quality base oils and lubricants. AVISTA OIL AG covers the complete re-refining value chain from collection to the production of finished lubricants and international distribution. AVISTA OIL has 550 employees at 4 re-refinery sites in Europe and the US.



  • Mineralöl-Raffinerie Dollbergen GmbH  (Germany)
  • Dansk Olie Genbrug A/S (Denmark)
  • Wubben Oliebewerking (The Netherlands)
  • AVISTA OIL Refining and Trading (US)


AVISTA OIL- facts:

  • CEO – JuaN Fristchy
  • VP Sales and Marketing – Mike Reddick
  • VP Re-refining Operations – Terry Malone
  • AVISTA OIL (US) employs 154 people
  • The AVISTA OIL state-of-the-art re-refinery in Peachtree City, GA produces 50M gallons of base oil per year and started operations in July 2013